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"Future Park is one of the world most ambitious projects to stare straight in the face of a demising industry we formally knew as shopping. Commercial real estate has to change to engage the consumer; there has to be a reason to be at that venue which you can't do online. Simple. Retail isn't dead, but the ideas inside shopping malls certainly are. The warnings have been strong for the last decade. Immersive, experience, family oriented days out that are inclusive, accessible & educational.

Can that same venue host awards ceremonies, exhibitions, concerts & events?... Absolutely, of course it can! Such assets need to sweat in todays world, they need to be functional & flexible to change. Why do all these destinations not act like a destination, where has all the profit gone? Why wasn't it reinvested year on year to evolve the offer? Well its a crying shame, they could have been saved by implementing the new & reinvesting yesterdays profits. The answer is a theme inspired chameleon mothership that can adapt its approach to suit a campaign, such as climate, or a product launch & demonstrate on the world stage how to keep places to visit 'the weather can't spoil' exciting, thrilling & ultimately somewhere you'd want to go again & again. Retainment. Think airport terminal, meets a climate change inspired educational, uber cool tech theme park that caters for business & pleasure 247, 365 that's heated, cooled & ran with sustainable power!"

The out of town multifunctional flagship hub of change with circular economies physically visual & beautifully illustrated as the backdrop of your touchy, feely, sensory day out where we allow nature to filter the air, glass to heat the apron, vegetation to insulate & performance based alternative building products to elevate the largest usable green roof in the world. Vision, concept & co founder Sean Fallon

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